This Translation Register contains an on-line archive of the original texts of EU legislation (EU acquis) in English and their translation into official languages of BiH. When creating this Register, the idea was to have all the existing translations of EU legislation stored in one place. The translations available in the Register are the result of the work of the Division for Translation in the field of European Integration of Directorate for European Integration (DEI) and competent state and entity institutions. The Register is being regularly updated with new translations. Creation of the Register will lay the foundation for consistent use of terminology, which is one of the key elements for ensuring high level of translation quality.

The Register may be searched by the title of the document or by the Celex number.

By entering at least one of the required search criteria, the result of the search shows the title of the original document in English and its translation into one of the official languages of BiH. Search results include data about the translator, linguistic, expert and legal reviser (depending on the level of document revision) as well as about dates of translation and its CELEX number. By clicking on the title of a document in a desired language, the whole text of the document opens up if its translation exists. Target language of the translated act is one of the official languages of BiH and remains solely the personal choice of a translator. The link to legislation database of the European Union (Eur-lex) enables a direct access to the original texts of EU legal acts in official languages of the European Union, whereas the link to the CCVista database enables access to the revised translations of EU legal acts in official languages of candidate countries for EU membership.

In this way, Directorate for European Integration provides support to all institutions of Bosnia and Herzegovina involved in the process of preparation of BiH for membership in the European Union.

We remind the users that translations in the Register are to be used for information purposes only and may not be considered as legally binding. Only legislation published in the Official Journal of the EU is legally binding.

Please send your comments and suggestions to the Division for Translation of DEI at the following e-mail addresses:

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